Is The Revenue Of Your Marketing Business Doubling Every Year?

Precisely target the right partners, personalize your outreach, increase your contact rate and drive A LOT more revenue.
AmattendeesTaras Kiseliuk
"Extremely targeted prospects. Our team closed $101,824 in new revenue from advertisers in the database."
CEO at ClickDealer
Ripon Kumar
"Great database for every company looking to grow their business in the online marketing space. We closed 11 new clients in the first 2 months during the service."
Founder & CEO Ray Advertising LLC

How It Works

1. Sign Up In Ten Seconds

All you have to do is click the subscribe button and enter your email. That's it.

2. Receive Leads Instantly

Receive a database of over 48,679+ target contacts in the affiliate marketing industry upon sign up + monthly updates.

3. Start Reaching Out Today

Now that you have your leads, you can start reaching out and closing deals. (BONUS - receive our step by step outreach playbook upon subscribing) 


  • Amattendees
    "This is a great way for my team to follow-up with new prospects we met at the show as well as prospects we didn’t get the chance to meet with. It’s worked well for our team!"
    Taras Kiseliuk - CEO ClickDealer

  • "Great database for every company looking to grow their business in the online marketing space. We closed 11 new clients in the first 2 months during the service."
    Ripon Kumar - Founder & CEO Ray Advertising LLC

  • "This is incredibly valuable in the right hands. Most networks aren't equipped to handle this kind of prospecting database but luckily we are. Most importantly, using their leads has led to new clients each month, our newest one being worth $175,358/year."
    Sonny Palta - CEO/Founder The Affiliati Network, Inc.

  • Amattendees
    "The team is VERY responsive to questions and feedback. I don't want anyone else to sign up because it's our edge vs other industry players!"
    Oscar Macarasig - SVP of Business Operations adMobo

  • Amattendees
    "This has been an AWESOME resource to grow my book of business. Using the database, I've been keeping my pipeline full."
    Cameron Millband - Performance Director - Canada Finder
  • "We scheduled 12 calls within the first 8 weeks and closed 6 deals worth over $800,000! I can’t wait to see how many clients the rest of my team can close!"
    Robert Lee - Founder Noc Solutions

Streamline your outreach strategy

A simple and effective way to do outreach for your business

Find Companies

From startups, to large brands, to fortune 500 media companies. These companies have big needs and even bigger budgets to match them.

That are handpicked for your marketing business

No, you won't find Tesla or Elon's email as entries. You'll find contact information that makes it easy to connect and build relationships with potential clients.

And have verified contact information

We manually collect and verify every single data point in our lists. You can expect verified email addresses and phone numbers when publicly available.

Save a ton of money and time

We spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours collecting these leads


Handpicked one by one

Every single data point is collected and verified by a human. Not a robot.


100s of hours on research

We spend hundreds of hours every month to collect the most relevant companies.


1000s of  dollars on tech

We spend thousands of dollars every year to access the world's best databases and tools.


Pubicly available & verified

We check that our data points are pubicly available and verify them one by one.


GDPR Compliant

We are up to date with all the key privacy and data protection requirements of GDPR.


Up to date and accurate

We are constantly updating our data and ensuring that they are valid and correct.

Join a small number of companies

- We have high prices by design and raise them constantly. 
- That way we throttle access and filter out low quality customers.
- The number of our customer is in the low 10s.

That are all doing different things

- No, you are not competing with each other.
- Most of our customers target different companies and niches.
- Most of our customers are looking to promote very unique products or services.

That are willing to form partnerships

- Performance marketing opportunities.
- Referrals.
- Direct advertisers and direct affiliates.

And have personal experience

- Personal relationship and welcoming present.
- Direct access to the founder.
- Free personal consultation.
- Intros with other companies.


  • "Utilizing the database is extremely helpful, within the first 2 months I managed to close 13 deals with new clients."
    Michelle Norman - Senior Growth Solutions Manager All Inclusive Marketing

  • "I've tried numerous lead generation services in the past, but this one is by far the best. In just three months, we've closed $351,749 in new business thanks to their targeted database."
    Peter Georgatos - CEO & Founder PureAds

Make your money back, forever

Even a tiny deal with a high ticket client will make your money back for years
Do It Together
For companies that want access for multiple colleagues


  • Collaborate with your team. (Invite up to 5 colleagues at the same company)
  • Copy/paste, download and import data into your own workflow
  • Cancel any time. No lock in period or contract to sign
  • Unlimited search and export access to our database of over 48,679 leads upon sign up
  • Our database is updated weekly. We are always removing emails and phone numbers that don't work
  • Tips, strategies and email templates from successful customers
  • 100+ hours of research per monthly update
  • Warm intros with other companies for strategic partnerships
get instant access
Done For You
For busy companies wtih a million other different things to do


Tell us who your ideal client is and we will find them

  Will send the emails for you

  Will book meetings for you

 0% commision rate

 Weekly updates and reporting

 3 month engagement

FREE strategy session

Frequently Asked Questions

Your service is expensive. Can I get a discount?

Unfortunately we do not give out discounts. We price our service to purposely limit access and not dilute the value we provide our subscribers. Our goal is to maximize the value we add to a small number of subscribers. 

I don’t have time to actively reach out to potential clients. Can you do it for me?

Yes. Please send us a message from the Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the source of your information?

We collect all the data manually one by one and use various publicly available services to cross check all information.
The data is not the result of some database hack, leak or any other illegal activity.

Why should I subscribe to AMAttendees? 

It's easy to buy a cheap list with thousands of leads and start blasting emails to them from a random person that adds you to Skype. But be prepared for bad results.
Be prepared for wrong, missing and outdated information. Emails sent to these people will bounce back and ruin your company’s domain reputation. Thousands of unqualified leads that will yield no results.
We focus on quality over quantity. We collect all our data manually one by one to ensure validity. We keep our prices high to limit access.
We work with a small number of customers and aren’t planning on changing any time soon.
Your feedback is very important to us. We'll go above and beyond to help grow revenue for your business.

What types of companies do you include in your database?

It’s a mixture of affiliates, affiliate networks, advertisers, solution providers (call trackers, affiliate tracking platforms etc), agencies, ad networks etc. It depends on the source.

Can I buy only certain entries in the database?

No. We are not an a la carte service and not looking to sell what we’ve curated as many times as possible. 

Do I need to sign a contract and am I locked into your service?

No. You can cancel at any time via the Contact Us page

How do I know my payment infomation is safe?

We use PCI-compliant third-party processors. Payment information is processed by our payment service providers, and we receive a confirmation of payment, which we then associate with your account and any relevant transactions (we do not see your card details).

*We are not associated with any conference or company appearing in the database

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